Target Market

Coating of heavy metal parts

Coating of heavy metal parts as: agricultural, earth moving machinery, metal bottle…

Contrasting liquid and powder coatings in ACE, our PULVERCOAT® assists customers who require scratch resistance, chemical resistance, weatherability, with the possibility to paint heavy metal parts, by eliminating the use of solvent, reducing cycle time, energy and cost

Coating of pre-assembled material

Coating of pre-assembled material unable to resist at 150°C, parts with electrical circuits inside, as: pumps and compressors etc...

Contrasting liquid coatings, our PULVERCOAT® assists customers who require to paint sensitive parts using a ZERO VOC coating as PULVERCOAT®, improving at the same time scratch resistance, chemical resistance, weatherability.

Do you need to speed up the process?

PULVERCOAT® allows customers to speed up their process reducing costs in terms of energy and timing. Having the possibility to cure in 3 minutes at 120°C means a different way to design your painting line.

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