is a complete innovative powder coating,
not existing on the market since now.

PULVERCOAT® is a complete innovative powder coating, not existing on the market until now. PULVERCOAT® combine fast curing, low curing temperature chemical resistance, UV resistance and anti-scratching properties. PULVERCOAT® allows to powder paint sensitive substrates, nowadays painted with liquid coating. PULVERCOAT® Curing time and temperature VS existing fast curing powder coating.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825511.

Existing fast curing system

Scope of the project

We developed PULVERCOAT® because powder coating’s development has stopped since 20 years. We asked our self and our customers, what are the needs of our market and what are their needs, so we come out with this complete innovative solution. PULVERCOAT® is a breakthrough in the powder coating market. PULVERCOAT® is based on a resin that has never been used on powder coating, we adapted it with the help of our resin supplier.

The limits of the existing powder coatings are:

  • The curing temperature (between 150 and 180 °C) and the curing time (from 15 to 20 minutes)
  • The curing conditions restrict the application of powder coating to metal substrates
  • Heavy metal part, pre-assembled materials, different substrate than metal could not have been painted with existing PC

The solution:

PULVERCOAT® is able to combine fast curing, low curing temperature (up to 3 min.@120°C), chemical resistance, UV resistance and anti-scratching properties.

3 min.@120°C

Chemical resistance - UVResistance and anti-scratching


Fast curing

Low temperature

Enormous reduction of the energy required
during the coating process

Possibility of painting sensitive substrates,
preassembled materials, heavy metal parts….

UV resistance comparable with
Qualicoat class 2

Chemical resistance comparable
with polyurethane ANTIGRAFFITI

Scratch resistance and hardness
incomparably greater with so far existing system

Zero V.O.C. emissions

High ROI in case of switch from liquid plant
to powder plant

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